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Janick Robert Gers (pronounced YA-nik Gerz) (born January 27, 1957 in Hartlepool, England) is an English musician and one of three guitarists for Iron Maiden.

He is one of the main songwriters for Iron Maiden. His father, Bolesław, was an officer of the Polish Navy.

Janick Gers during the Somewhere Back In Time Tour


Gers was the lead guitarist of the band White Spirit before joining Gillan, a group formed by then former Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan. After Gillan disbanded, he joined Gogmagog (which included former Iron Maiden members vocalist Paul Di'Anno and drummer Clive Burr). Gers also performed with other artists including former Marillion vocalist Fish. In 1990, he played guitar on the first solo album of Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, Tattooed Millionaire. During the recording of the album he was asked to join Iron Maiden in place of departing Adrian Smith. He has remained with the band ever since, even after Smith rejoined the band in 1999.


Gers' playing style uses heavy distortion and is noted for having a very raw tone. He prefers alternate picking instead of playing legato using hammers and pull-offs.

Gers is also left-handed although he plays guitar right-handed; as seen at the "Rock In Rio" DVD signing autographs.

Gers' main influences are Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck and Irish blues guitarist Rory Gallagher. He is noted for his energetic stage presence. He can often be seen bouncing up and down and occasionally does tricks with his guitar, such as spinning it around his body while playing, or throwing it into the air, catching it.

Musical equipment[]

Gers on pitkään Fender Stratocasterin kannattaja. Hänen Stratocastersinsa ovat tyypillisesti mustia tai valkoisia, ja niissä on ruusupuuta. Hän käyttää Seymour Duncan JB Jr. (tällä hetkellä) tai Hot Rails (1990-luvun alku) mikit. Hänen suosikkikitaransa on vuosien varrella ollut musta Fender Stratocaster, joka on varustettu JB Jr. -noutoilla. Gers tänään neljää erilaista Fender Stratocasteria ja myös Gibson Chet Atkinsin puoliakustista mallia kappaleille kuten "Dance of Death" ja "Dream Of Mirrors". Kuten bändikaverinsa Dave Murray, Gers tällä hetkellä Marshall JMP-1 -esivahvistinta Marshall 9200 (lopetettu) powerampin kautta. Hän käyttää Ernie Ball Regular Slinky nikkeli-kiedottuja kitaran kieliä (10-46) .pilllluuuu


Iron Maiden[]

Studio Albums[]

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Live Albums[]

  • A Real Live One
  • A Real Dead One
  • Live at Donington
  • Rock in Rio


Bruce Dickinson
  • 1990: Tattooed Millionaire
White Spirit
  • 1980: White Spirit
  • 1981: Double Trouble
  • 1982: Magic
  • 1985: I Will Be There EP

Guest Apprarances[]

Fish - *1990: Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors


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