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Brave New World
Iron Maiden - Brave New World.jpg
Studio album by Iron Maiden
Released 29 May 2000
Recorded Summer 1999 – April 2000 at Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris
Genre Heavy metal
Length 66:57
Label EMI
Producer Kevin Shirley, Steve Harris
Iron Maiden chronology
Virtual XI
Brave New World
Dance of Death
Singles from Brave New World
  1. "The Wicker Man"
    Released: April 2000
  2. "Out of the Silent Planet"
    Released: 23 October 2000

Brave New World is the twelfth album by Iron Maiden, released on May 29, 2000. It is the most modern and intelligent album the band has made in over a dozen years. The return of frontman Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith (who left the band in 1990 & 1993 respectively) in 1999 established the ultimate Iron Maiden line-up of Dickinson on vocals, Steve Harris on bass, Nicko McBrain on drums and “the three amigos” – Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers - on guitar. This line-up was responsible for the albums that made Iron Maiden arguably the most influential metal band in the world.


The album opens up with "The Wicker Man" which is typical Iron Maiden album opener. It's short, with very catchy guitar rythems and lyrics that are easy to sing along to. "Ghost of the Navigator" starts out slow and very melodic, almost easy to dance to. But then it gets heavy, yet somehow manages to keep its melodic feel through out the song. Bruce sings pretty heavy, even seems like he has a growl at a few points. Bruce shows the emotional side of his voice in "Brave New World". About a 1:30 through however, the song explodes into a fast paced melody with Bruce's vocals soaring on the high notes. There are powerful guitar riffs that Adrian Smith and Dave Murray do in the middle of the song. "Blood Brothers" was written by Steve Harris and it was dedicated for Steve's father who passed away during the bands tour.

Track listing[]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Wicker Man" Adrian Smith, Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson 4:35
2. "Ghost of the Navigator" Janick Gers, Dickinson, Harris 6:50
3. "Brave New World" Dave Murray, Harris, Dickinson 6:18
4. "Blood Brothers" Harris 7:14
5. "The Mercenary" Gers, Harris 4:42
6. "Dream of Mirrors" Gers, Harris 9:21
7. "The Fallen Angel" Smith, Harris 4:00
8. "The Nomad" Murray, Harris 9:06
9. "Out of the Silent Planet" Gers, Dickinson, Harris 6:25
10. "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate" Murray, Harris 8:26